9th October

9th October is the day I was born. This was way back in the year 1995. And on that year, 9th Oct. was on a Monday. Yes, I was born on a Monday. I always hated Mondays with a passion but since I realized the fact that I was born on one, my view on Mondays has changed.

I’m not yet entirely there because just how do you surpass love for Fridays and weekends. You know how Friday holds your hand and tells you “Relax, I got you now.” How it changes its name from ‘Friday’ to ‘Furahi-day’ and how it sweet talks you to leave job early even if you are jobless and convinces you that the grass is greener on the other side. 

How it makes you dumb and the only words that slide off your mouth is a hashtag #TGIF. How it beautifully whispers to your ear to have one for the road just for it to give you twenty for the road. How it orders for you uber and pays your fare through your sober friend. And if that is Not enough, it just doesn’t leave without saying a word. At exactly 11:59, She will hold your hand and tell you” I have to leave but I will send you my helper. She will guide you through.” And Saturday doesn’t dissapoint, she will pamper you and she will be the helper you were promised.

But Monday …

The emojis you see on people’s faces are a disgrace to humanity. It makes you wonder whether humans were really created or we just came from monkeys and chimpanzees as history tells us. And on a Monday, the latter wins.

If you see a smile on someone’s face on a Monday, either he or she is still high and he’s trying to hide it with a smile or it is late at night that (s)he can’t wait for the day to end.

Or maybe, someone is rejoicing for having conceived a bouncing baby boy successfully. Yes, I know I did put a smile on people’s faces that day. A sincere and genuine smile.

Back to 9th October …

You guys remember when 10th October was Moi day and it was a public holiday. Yes? Slay queens? No? Sponsors? Yeees.

Funny thing is for the first 12 years of my life, I believed my birthday was on a Moi day. Blame my mum but I think she wanted me to feel special being born on a No-School day or maybe she just loved ‘maziwa ya nyayo’ and yes, I have to admit, it felt special. I mean at that age range having a birthday on a No school day was the IT thing or is it the -ish until much later when I realized that I wasn’t born on that ‘special’ day. I was born on the eve. No, I wasn’t sad plus nature was on my side, it did away with Moi day.

So from now on people, lets all smile on Mondays. When you think of how bad it is, just remember there are people who were born on that day and they are doing their very best to bear the weight on their shoulders. Its no easy journey but we are many. We can do this, hehe

Finally, waking up each and every day of your life is not something to consider normal or a routine. It is a blessing. Me reaching here, all glory is to God. I turn 22 today but some may argue I look like a lot younger or is it older but facts still remain.

Thank you God and thank you everyone for your beautiful birthday wishes. I’m humbled. For those wishing to extend their birthday wishes, you may do so in my Mpesa line which today is free to send😂😂. No ‘kidding’. Don’t ask me why kidding is in quotes. We shall revisit after you have extended your birthday wishes. God bless.


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