Wiping off the dust

East or West, Home is Best. Its been long since I left but just like the prodigal son, I have decided to begin my journey home. No I have not been feeding any pigs but I can’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind. Its been more than a year since I was Home and I have to admit I miss Home. Who doesn’t? I know of guys who if they don’t go Home once a week, they go mad. Like seriously mad. If you meet them the next week, they are doing weird shit like talking to themselves, collecting papers which are now banned, joining weird whatsapp groups with the group name “Mathare’s Finest” and becoming the admin within minutes. Haha, No, I’m Not Speaking of you …., Forget it, I won’t mention you. I just remembered the group has only one admin. I think its self-explanatory why I am in the group.

Its really stuffy in here. Before we go too far, here are some dust masks to keep your lungs in check. Yeah you heard that right, I am a caring guy. I just pity your livers. How do they survive konyagi? Anyway, where were we? Yeah lets clean now.

So this is me coming Home. I don’t know if I will be welcomed with a fat cow and a white rob but despite the doubts my journey has begun. But before I go too far, let me describe my Home. The Home I am talking about is this Home. A Home inside all your Homes. That warm place that grew cold and stuffy because this guy left (I know you’ve never noticed but just go with the flow, okay? Okay) Left Not to look for greener pastures but to look for greener feeds (Is there really a difference between pastures and feeds? No? Yes? That We shall revisit!). That time when Winter was coming and Game of Thrones had explained it perfectly.

But now, Winter is Here. Time to go Home. Time to avenge. Time to cast away the dead weights like Cersei Lannister and put them at the mercy of the dragons. Time to rule over the seven Kingdoms and sit on the iron throne. Time to know our allies and fouls. Time to fight back and reclaim our legacies. Time for the white walkers to know we won’t stop till they all face the dragon stone. Time for the Lannisters to sit on their knees and cry out for mercy expect for the little guy. Yeah the little guy who loves wine. Time for the Starks to rule or is it the bastard John Snow.

Oh shit! If you are not into GoT just assume that paragraph doesn’t exist. I don’t know how you gonna do that since you already read it. You know how you see a beautiful woman or handsome guy and you start ‘kukula kwa macho’ and then suddenly he or she turns and looks at you. How you react. Just do that.

But well its Time to wipe off the dust and continue with the journey. I was at a point in my life where I just had to sit back and rethink my life choices. If you have ever been in a relationship with drugs, you know what I’m saying. No, Just kidding, replace ‘drugs’ with laziness. Shall we? If you have ever been in a relationship with laziness you know what I’m saying. Yeah, there we go. Sorry for confusing you addicts.
There were good people who came to me and asked me what I did to this blog. I had no answer and even now I can’t answer that. It is more like when you are doing a test and you can’t recall the answer but you know it starts with a letter ‘S’ and no matter how hard you try thinking all you can come up with is ‘Sportpesa’ blame it on the betting and finally when you are submitting your paper the answer comes to you. The answer is ‘Supplementary’. Yeah coz you gonna seat for supplementary exams. Aarrgh.

And as one philosopher said,” The true test of Time is when you give Time Time.” Get it? I can’t recall the philosophers name but I know it starts with a letter ‘H’. Lets just go for Hiram. Bye Supplementary exams.
Yeah so I am back at it and I hope for the best.

Wow look at that. Its sparkling in here. (I hope you are still going with the flow, right?). Clean as new. Maen, you can even a find a slay queen in here. I can see one already, Beauty Bella? Cora Shee? She can’t hear me. She is a slayqueen after all, hehe.

So guys, lets nduthis, Cliché? Okay, lets do this then. Good? Awesome.

So here is to many more. Cheers.

Yeah, you can go with the dust masks.


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