This is urgent.

Today I have a guest for you guys. Before he comes in prepare to be blown off. He is the guy your mother warned you about.
This guy holds a guiness world record of emptying guiness bottles like nothing. He is not heard of for he is feared he would drink the guiness in the ‘guiness world record’.

Well, he is stiĺl a true friend. And a ‘tanker’ ofcourse.
I could spend all day introducing this guy. So here comes. Grab your popcorns, 3D glasses, put your safety belt on and enjoy.

Lets call him Francis. Francis because that is his real name. He is a poet. An upcoming poet, hehe.

My future wife.

You are probably a heavy sleeper.
My heart feels that you already have a sponsor.
Of Course you are in this rotten generation.
That focuses on goal realization through legs separation.
I hope that sponsor bustard is going easy on you.
I can’t stand the struggle of your satisfaction.
When some bastard has already perfected the art of organ expansion on you.
You will be deceived about this and that.
Empty promises that are not worth a chit chat.
I pity you my dear.
But all I can do is stare.
Stare at my imaginary wife.
When I never had a girlfriend in this life.

On the other hand, I may be looking at you in the wrong way.
You might be a good girl so to say.
One that has gone through heartbreaks.
But still strong to face the world every daybreak.
One that worries about the future.
But doesn’t forget the lessons taught by nature.
Everyone wants to date, taste, and rate you.
But all you give is serene, clean and genuine love.
But a bustard keeps taking that for granted.
When true love is all you ever wanted.

How can I ever meet you?
This is the question that with always I’ll have an issue.
To rescue you from all this wickedness.
That like the Israelites has kept you in the wilderness.
To treat you like the princess you are.
And give you the kind of loving that you deserve.
How I wish wishes were horses.
My heart as a beggar of your love would have countless stables.
And a store full of leather saddles.
So that its joy would be fulfilled.
And we, dashing around in the fields.

If fate brings us together.
I know this because I trust my Creator.
I will keep you as a treasure.
Treat you right with no pressure.
A lady is to be pleased and not to be squeezed.
I finally will rest happy that the one I love,
Is the one I have.
I will perfectly write my vows being loving and true.
From the bottom of my heart and not out of the blues.
To have and to hold.

The rest is history my dear.
But I have one fear.
You are probably one of my Ex-es who I never treated right.
Or my crush who I named bitch……but it’s alright.

From out of the blue with love!


Irungu Warui Francis.

NB: He does Not mean what he writes!


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