Dreams and Nightmares


You are asleep. Deep asleep. You are in dreamland dreaming. You have everything one would define as success. You have a big house and parked outside is a four wheel machine and beside it is an Audi. You smile. You have a successful smile. Heheh. From a far you hear this voice, a child’s voice and you look back. She is running to you calling you dad. You smile and laugh. You really have a beautiful daughter. You feel proud. Then someone crosses her hands around your neck from behind. You can feel her hair all around you and you can tell its her original hair and not a weave or some hair sjuii from brazil. She whisphers into your ears but you don’t hear a thing. Your mind is trying to calculate who this woman is. To find out who you decided to share your joys and sorrows with. Mostly sorrows. You hope its not that ex who you wrote an official letter to with a Ref stating in capital letters that “KARMA IS A BITCH” which was also in bold and underlined. So you turn around. Her face so not very clear. You go ahead and try to draw her hair away from her face to see the dazzling beautiful face but then the curiosity and anxiety is too much.


 You wake up. 30 minutes earlier than your alarm expected. The room is all dark. You look up and meditate a little bit. You are jobless. You are broke. You are staying in your parent’s home. Life is not going your way. Your life is at a crossroad. You don’t know what to do next. Your parents’ have been the reason for your existence for the last 21 years. You wonder what is your purpose in life. Nightmare is what is written aĺl over your face. But you decide you have to do something. You mummer a little prayer hoping that the Man Above will listen. You get out of bed and start preparing for yet another day to try implement your ideas. Ideas you are still looking for. You hope a breakthrough will tag along and maybe this article will have a part 2 which you will share your successes. Where your dream will be you reality.



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