Me vs You.

What is there to differentiate us?


Don’t ask why i put that photo there. It brings out the message i want to deliver. That we are different and unique. Hehe.

So here is the article we’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy!

You are tall, dark and handsome. What every woman prays for I guess. On the other hand, I’m short, a little bit light skinned. A little bit light skinned meaning during a black out you’d be able to see me not some part of me. No offence but for some peeps just the teeth and a little bit of the eyes would be visible. Not you my fellow developer, Jaswal maybe. I’m also not so very handsome but I’m handsome. At least that’s what my mum tells me. I may be a woman’s worst nightmare but yet still I believe I have a purpose on this earth.

If you’ve never seen your face posted somewhere with a hashtag Mcm raise up your hand. None? Cowards. Wait! I see one hand …two hands ….three, four, five …20. Thats a large number given that we’re 21 in here. Nobody is a mistake we are told.

You are not too tall and not too short, light-skinned and ‘beautifull’. Yes, beautiful with double ‘L’, damn! Also blessed with a behind portfolio and a well protruding chest. What every man prays for or thirsts for. Is this why you always blue tick me?
On the other hand, there is this lady. Either too tall or too short, dark-skinned because black is a mean word. And beautiful without the ‘L’. Beautifu? Also not so blessed with the gluteus maxima. Let’s call it gluteus minima. You can google those words. Men treat her as their second option or last option, it depends. If she is lucky, a ‘chiby’ somewhere will always be on her trail. Chiby means ‘fisi’ in my dictionary, hehe. Chiby will put her as his wcw. If he doesn’t don’t worry i got you. Put me as your Mcm and you wiĺl be my wcw. Simple, right?

Life is smooth for you. You roll with the best. Your best saying is You Only Live Once. You have a k at the end of your followers in instagram. Damn! You really are a big deal. On the other hand, life is quite challenging for me. I roll with me. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” is my best saying. I too have a k at the end of my instagram followers, just that it ain’t visible. I hope they fix the bug.

So then, what is there to differentiate us? The looks? The gluteus maxima? The foĺlowers? To me NO. Maybe a little and a little extra on the gluteus maxima but mainly what differentiates us is Character.

Your character is what matters. Character is what defines us. Character makes us different and unique. Character is what makes us human beings. Character either demands for respect or lack of respect. Character is spirit. Character builds over time. Character is additive.

So let’s shape our character. Let’s not judge each other and if judging is in your blood then don’t judge on petty things like instagram followers.

As one philosopher said,” Our character is defined by what we do when no one is looking”

Ps: I’m not racist Jaswal. Just that you were at the wrong place at the right time. Sorry.


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