Late night manifestations …


The house is dark. The clock is ticking. I am typing. I can barely see my keyboard but I am trying. I know you’re wondering why the house is dark. No I don’t love zombies or shit; I am out of tokens. Then you’re now thinking,” This guy must be lazy, why can’t he buy the tokens?” First of all, this ain’t my crib, it’s my parents crib. You wondering what a crib is? Peter 2? Chakin? Don’t worry I will explain. A crib is a rib with a letter ‘c’ at the start

Secondly, I don’t have money to buy tokens for my parents. You know why? Because my mother will smile to herself and think that I got money for myself and the few pocket coins she gives to me will be no more. Also, my dad will keep borrowing me change for his thousand notes just to confirm I got nothing on me because he likes harassment. That’s too much for me to handle right now. He doesn’t know they call me ‘sponsor’ at school. Happy fathers’ day though. Thirdly, I am home alone. My parents are in dream land and they don’t give a damn if there is lights or not


So I’m still typing in the dark. I have already bought tokens with my mum’s phone but KPLC has decided not to reply. Hey KPLC, Knock Knock, shit I can’t find the exclamation button, lucky bastards. It has been one hour of waiting and my laptop is going to die any moment now, not die dying but the battery is going to lose charge and the laptop will not be able to function because it needs power to function. Look what you made me do there Peter and Chakin, this guys though, haha. We surely come from different backgrounds.

Hey neighbors, sorry for not greeting you today, I need some power. My phone too is dying (I ain’t going to do the explaining again Peter, see chakin got it). Neighbors be like,” Karma is a bitch bruh. Next time say hello. We are asleep!!” (They found the exclamation, unlucky me!!)


20% remaining. 10 errors. 0 sleep. Have you ever been in a dark room and seen something that seems to be staring at you? Remember how scared you were, yeah that is me right now. Who told me to watch Night at the museum? That movie is manifesting its real self over here.

Sorry guys I’m out. I gotta sleep now or is it hide inside my blankets?
Any can do. Good night!!



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