“Success is not a destination but a journey”. The guy who said this was 101 percent sober. The reality is you just can’t wake up successful. If you expect success to be like ” Knock Knock!!” and you be like” Who’s there?” Stop dreaming and wake up! Success is something you work for, something you put your efforts in.
I remember my entrepreneurship lecturer comparing success to workouts. How you work out each day (drop the serious face, i know most of you guys don’t workout), either going to the gym or some exercise of some sort we expect results and that is how you achieve that muscular body or that body that is manageable. It is about consistency. Success is about consistency. Not giving up no matter how difficult the burden is.

Let me define success in my own words. Philosopher Hiram carrick, hehe.
Success in my viewpoint is a path, a path that we create each day. It is not just a matter of counting days and giving a plain statement that,” In certain years i want to be a billionaire”(I ain’t saying it is bad but accompany it with some actions). It is about making each day count. That is the first step to making it.

These other few tips may be your way to success;

#1. Put God first
Only God knows our tomorrow. He knows our ambitions and He knows where we want to be. Remember God and He will remember you


#2. Know your passion
What is it that you do love? That one thing you would wake up at 2 a.m and not complain of sleep. Embrace your
passion, no matter how parabilic it may sound or how lame it may be, embrace what you love. It is a ticket to

#3. Make each day count
Make each and everyday of your life count. Even that day that you are sick and not able to move a muscle, you
can still make it count. Appreciate the presence of life. It is not normal to wake up each and everyday of your life.

#4. Be consistent
Yees be consistent. Life will always offer you challenges along the way. What matters is how you respond to
them. As long as you don’t give up then Success is yours


#5. Take it slow
Don’t be in a hurry to accomplish nothing. Appreciate baby steps in all that you do. As long as you are moving no need to worry. Be satisfied.

#6. Never fear
Fear paralyses people. Fear is a murderer. Fear puts you in the grave and buries you alive. Fear doesn’t care who you are. If you let it in you are done, totally!

#7. Have a succeeding mindset
What you perceive in mind is what you achieve. Perceive a succeding mindset and that is what you will achieve
“A man is but the product of his thoughts”


Most importantly remember to give. The Universe repays gratitude. When you give, nature will always give you
more so that you may continue to give. A wise rich man once said,” The moment i stop giving then i become poor”.



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