What is Life?

Life is quite a parable i may say. Nobody knows tomorrow, not even what will happen the next minute but we all live coz that is the only option we got

Life is one precious thing that we all have. I see guys hashtagging things like #You Only Live Once #YOLOmanenoz and other hashtags that just come from anywhere


Buh let me tell you something: bring you head closer so I may whisper to your ears. “The reason you are alive is because you have not yet fulfilled your purpose on earth”.

Few things I have to say about life that we ought to apply:

#1. Never give a damn about people

Yes, never give a damn about people (unless you are in human resource and I have applied for a job there, please give a damn about me hehe). People just roll with you because of who you are or what you are made up of or because of something they want in you. Only family and real friends will love you for what you are or for what situation you are in


#2. You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once yooh. Get that in your head. Once you’re gone you are gone until Jesus Christ comes again or sumn’. So don’t live like you will be here forever. Today may be the day you get your calling so let us all appreciate each day and do good maen. Its not much to ask or is it?


#3. Failure is part of life

Why do people fail and start lamenting sjuii ooh God is not on my side, sjui I think I was cursed or sjui it runs in our family. Damn it!! When you fail or fall, stand up and try again. This is what makes life life. If everything was just winning life would be boring. Even Barcelona got beaten after 39 consecutive wins and they still won the league.


#4. Move on

Life is about moving on. Change is inevitable. As life goes on, we change. Situations and circumstances make us change. Who you were five years ago is not who you are now. So let us accept moving on. Is it in unfruitful relationships let us move on, is it in a lazy state you are in, move on! Let us keep moving for the better


#5. Reality is irresistible

You cannot, underline cannot, escape from the reality of life. No matter how much you try to believe in your illusions, Reality is reality. So let us not be cowards by trying to escape from reality. Let us face it head on and embrace it and try to make our dreams work in it


#6. We all have a purpose

May be you are reading this and wondering what role you have to play in life. What is this life that I am talking about. In life, no one is a mistake. God brought you here for a purpose that you have to fulfill. That purpose will reveal itself to you at the right time. Just do what you do but your purpose you have to fulfill.


#7. No one is perfect

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Or is there anyone reading this that has not made a mistake in his lifetime? (Raise up your hand, no, no one). The reality is people are just perfect in their imperfections. Don’t look down on yourself, be proud of you. Stand up and live.


T.I – Live your life FT Rihanna

Have an exciting life, won’t you?



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