‘My Sweet Wife’

Yes, you heard that right, “My sweet wife”. Finally, I am engaged, Hurrraaay. At least I have a reason for not writing anything for what felt like a decade. Just kidding though, I am still a confused early 20 something young man who thinks he is old and wise and is yet living in his … Continue reading ‘My Sweet Wife’

9th October

9th October is the day I was born. This was way back in the year 1995. And on that year, 9th Oct. was on a Monday. Yes, I was born on a Monday. I always hated Mondays with a passion but since I realized the fact that I was born on one, my view on … Continue reading 9th October


"Success is not a destination but a journey". The guy who said this was 101 percent sober. The reality is you just can't wake up successful. If you expect success to be like " Knock Knock!!" and you be like" Who's there?" Stop dreaming and wake up! Success is something you work for, something you … Continue reading Success


What is Life? Life is quite a parable i may say. Nobody knows tomorrow, not even what will happen the next minute but we all live coz that is the only option we got Life is one precious thing that we all have. I see guys hashtagging things like #You Only Live Once #YOLOmanenoz and … Continue reading LIFE